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Groundworks & Civil Engineering

Pye Construction offers all aspects of groundworks & civil engineering services to assist our clients on their housing or commercial construction projects. At Pye Construction, we have all the skilled labour, plant and equipment needed to provide a full range of services. This benefits our customers by reducing the need to communicate their requirements to various different contractors making the project a smoother & reduceing time. All our projects are always of the highest standard and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Since Pye Construction can provide the broad range of groundworks & civil engineering services that are required, in some cases our client requests Pye Construction to be the Principal Contractor. This usually means we have possession of the site and we are responsible for Health and Safety. This helps reduce costs for our clients and enables us to ensure full compliance with the CDM regulations 2015 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Every project we undertake is met with the highest degree of professionalism, ensuring the right solution is suitably & sufficiently implemented to meet our client’s needs.

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  • Bulk excavation & remediation works
  • Complete site clearance including vegetation
  • Materials recycling wherever possible
  • Soil stabilisation & drainage construction
  • Highway & civil construction
  • Concrete finishing, brick laying & landscaping
  • Asphalt, ornamental paving, block paving
  • Installation of interceptor tanks
  • 45+ years experience
  • Finish to a high standard

Groundworks Expertise

All our groundworks & civil engineering works are undertaken and guided by planning regulations, budget and time constraints. Our team of professional engineers will carry out the work in compliance with local building regulations, an agreed budget strategy and to a timescale that suits you.

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When considering groundworks or civil engineering, you may need planning permission. Not sure how to apply? Follow this link to the Planning Portal UK where you will receive guidance on the permissions you require.

Groundworks Brochure

Pye Construction undertake all aspects of groundworks and civil engineering

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Planning & Design Process -

Pye Construction has extensive expertise in the planning, design and development of civil engineering & groundworks projects. With over 45 years experience we have earned a reputation of delivering premium customer service and a high standard of finishing. Always on time, always on budget.

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